Moda Desobediente


Dissident voices from different countries and disciplines will meet in Disobedient Fashion 2017 aiming to contribute content and generate useful debate on the limits of what fashion is capable of being and doing.

An original idea from the Malvestidas collective, the conference is a call to (mis)understand the dominant notions of Eurocentric fashion and to examine the relationship between fashion and power in order to question its effects on local and global contemporary culture.


Catherine Flood

Beatriz Ferreira

Jorge Diaz

María Emilia Tijoux

Pía Montalva

Ruby Hoette

Javiera Núñez

Lucia Cuba

Gabriela Farías Zurita

Sian Prime

Camilo Saavedra

Sebastián Plaza



Critical voices

Prominent national and international guests will participate in Critical voices, where they will lead a reflection and dialogue, stemming from their own theoretical and creative practices, around the mechanisms power and subversion throughout fashion and clothing.

Academic essays presentations

Brief provocations

A series of brief provocations, 10 minutes long, selected from an open call seeking to promote, give visibility to and stimulate emerging talent including artists, theorists, researchers, designers and general public. They will present articles exploring power and subversion in fashion and clothing, the conference’s central themes.


Utopias in action

Each discussion panel will give feedback to the Utopias in action workshops. Here the premise is to have participants think of Utopia as a future that is possible and, from there, propose a vision and practice critical of the Eurocentric fashion construct that has been imposed as the only plausible structure.

Group activity

“You dress up for the revolution”.

Celebration for the end of the meeting. More information soon.



Academic essays

Brief provocations

Deadline: May 21st 2017


Utopias in action

¡More information soon!